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002 - Very Apropos Series: God’s Store


Jack:                “Manny, have you ever heard of the existence of the Store of God?”

Manny:             “Yes, I once heard that God’s Store is located in an unusual place.”

Jack:                “What do you mean by an unusual place?”

Manny:             “Well, God’s store happens to be very close and, at the same time, very far.”

Jack:                “That doesn’t make sense. It is either far or close, can’t be both.”

Manny:             “Well, God’s store happens to be very close and, at the same time, very far.”

Jack:                “Did you ask your friend what he meant?”

Manny:             “Of course I did. He told me that during the Spanish Renaissance there was a Carmelite nun, known today as Saint Teresa of Jesus, who wrote a book entitled The Interior Castle. In her book she says that in this castle there are many dwellings and that God inhabits one that is located in the depths of it.”

Jack:                “And where is this Interior Castle?”

Manny:             “Inside our chests, towards the center of our thoraxes.”

Jack:                “Do you mean by our hearts?”

Manny:             “Yes, right around there.”

Jack:                “Can you be more specific?”

Manny:             “Well, to the best of my ability I place God’s Store in an area behind and slightly above the right ventricle.”

Jack:                “And what is God doing there?”

Manny:             “Along with an infinite number of tasks, he oversees His store.”

Jack:                “Can you buy things there?”

Manny:             “Of course! I’ve obtained a few items in the store. You can get the most precious things there, but, according to my friend very few people shop there.”

Jack:                “Manny, please give me an example, what can one buy there?”

Manny:             “Happiness, Health, Wisdom, Kindness, Truth, Justice, Friendship, Patience, Honesty, True Love, Honor, Fortitude, among many others.”

Jack:                “Yes, but those items must be super-expensive.”

Manny:             “They are free.”

Jack:                “If Happiness were free, everyone would want some.”

Manny:             “That’s where the store seems to be far.”

Jack:                “Manny, listen to me, suppose I wanted some of the articles you mentioned; how do I get to the Store of God to obtain some?”

Manny:             “You do as Saint Teresa of Jesus suggested in her book. You arrive there by turning your thoughts inward and going deep inside yourself to find the store. Once you arrive, you ask God for whatever you want. Most people want Happiness, and if that is the case with you, just go ahead and ask for it.”

Jack:                “And does God give you happiness just like that?”

Manny:             “He gives you anything you want… just like that.”

Jack:                “Most of my friends want a luxury car, elegant dresses and modern appliances. Can they get them there too?”

Manny:             “No, those are worldly items and your friends would have to return to the outside and go to a shopping mall.”

Jack:                “But stores in shopping malls charge you for everything.”

Manny:             “That’s because the things most people want are the least important ones. If they wanted the really essential ones, like Health or Happiness, they’d go to God’s Store and get them for nothing.”

Jack:                “And have you ever been to the Store of God?”

Manny:             “I’ve just told you so; in fact after you and I became friends I decided to visit the place again.”

Jack:                “And what did you get?”

Manny:             “Patience, Jack, lots of patience.”


Text and illustrations © Jacob A. J. Taylor 2013
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