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006 - The Black Slippers

The Black Slippers

                        Remembering mom on Mother's Day. Noticing that Manny was purchasing a pair of black slippers, Jack went ahead and questioned his friend about the choice of color.

Jack:                “Manny, didn’t you tell me that you had your colors done?”

Manny:             “Yes, Jack, many years ago I went to get my colors done.”

Jack:                “What exactly do you mean by having your colors done?”


Manny:             “It is a simple process that determines the colors that go well with you. In other words, it selects the colors that make you look your best.”

Jack:                “And how was this process done?”

Manny:             “I remember that the lady who did my colors pressed the tip of my index finger to see the hue of my blood through my flesh. After that, I remember that she chose a series of red pieces of cloth that closely resembled that tone. She had several shades of red, wine, carmine, crimson, cerise, scarlet, et cetera.”

Jack:                “Was that all?”

Manny:             “No, of course not. She also checked the color of my irises, my skin tone, and the color of my hair. After each step, she would select pieces of cloth that were similar in tone to the given color. Overall, it was an interesting experience.”

Jack:                “And then, what happened? Did this lady tell you something else?”

Manny:             “She told me that my colors were autumnal.”

Jack:                “What does autumnal mean?”

Manny:             “That the colors are reminiscent of the shades and hues common during the fall. She gave me a range of colors to use. She said that I look best if I wear browns, reds, burgundies, greens, khakis, beiges, and even turquoise.”

Jack:                “Turquoise?”

Manny:             “Yes, she referred to it as ‘your accent color’ and, funny enough, when I wear a turquoise shirt under a beige jacket, people tell me that that combination looks good on me.”

Jack:                “Did it cost you a lot?”

Manny:             “I remember that it was not cheap. I think I paid seventy-five dollars, which in those days was no small amount.”

Jack:                “Has this been of any use to you? Do you feel better simply because you know what colors to wear?”

Manny:             “Yes, I do, Jack. For a while I had a burgundy-color suit that, when I wore it, nobody could say no to me. I sold a lot of things wearing that suit. On the other hand, there were some unexpected consequences.”

Jack:                “Like what?”

Manny:             “Well, I had a lot of blue shirts, which I ended up giving away. Some of them were brand-new. In addition I got rid of white, yellow and orange shirts. I was told that those colors do not ‘go’ with me.”

Jack:                “Are those the only colors that you do not wear?”

Manny:             “Black is another color that I’m not supposed to wear.”

Jack:                “That’s why I asked you, Manny. I remember that one day you told me that you did not wear black garments, not even belts, shoes or wallets.”

Manny:             “That’s absolutely right, Jack.”

Jack:                “So, why are you buying these black slippers? Are they a present for a friend?”

Manny:             “I’m doing it in memory of my mom. You see, Jack, the last time I saw my mom alive was during the Christmas season a few years back, and she approached me to ask me if she could give me a pair of black slippers because she couldn’t find brown ones. And I refused, reminding her that I didn’t wear black and that she knew it.”

Jack:                “You rejected your mom’s present!?”

Manny:             “Yes, Jack, I did and I haven’t forgotten that action on my part. I feel terrible to this day. Who is going to see me running around at home wearing black slippers, who? It was the dumbest thing to do.”

Jack:                “It was a terrible thing to do, Manny.”

Manny:             “So now every time I buy slippers I make sure they are black. In doing so, I am asking my mom to forgive me. On the other hand, the black slippers make me remember her and her beautiful smile. ‘Wherever you are mom, I send you all my love. I know you have already forgiven me. Happy Mother’s Day!’” 

Text and illustrations © Jacob A. J. Taylor 2013

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