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two moons, and measure the exact orbit of AquaSoil around its star.

During their trip to AquaSoil, the cadets visit Veradrix, a planet with a toxic and explosive atmosphere and many mysteries where they find structures that hide puzzling messages that need to be deciphered, one said: “Listen to the fallen leaves as rustled by the breeze.”

They obtain two ‘exclusive’ powers before their next stop, which is planet Rensekal. There, they meet General Colpan and learn escape maneuvers. Colpan gives them whistles that produce Top Priority Signals which will be obeyed immediately.

Two major developments take place while the cadets travel to AquaSoil: First, Lieutenant-Generals Yalert and Dirah (enemies of the Empire) continue on their mission to catch the object ejected from the Audacious during a previous expedition. And second, a ‘secret’ gathering takes place where a mysterious being named Lord Uzbel reveals himself as the head of a major conspiracy against the Annur’s empire. A female agent by the name of Randora will help Erlakee to create havoc on AquaSoil.

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Includes 35 Illustrations in full color.
Get it for only $4.99

Science Fiction and Fantasy for Children 9+, Teens, Young Adults and all those who enjoy space adventures.



Full color, illustrated eBook

Text and illustrations by: Jake Taylor

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Read it in your Kindle, smartphone, or any other mobile device!

One of our readers sent this comment:

Dear Mr. Taylor,

I am busy reading the Third book of Yah and the Space Cadets - Star Rise. Will there be any other books of Yah and his friends? I just LOVE the way you write, I could not switch my kindle off. Lettie

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